Rapid Development of China's Industry

The annual financial subsidy promotion project for semiconductor lighting products issued by Chinese management has been officially opened, the cost and price of the selected products have been greatly reduced, the mainstream level of China's LED lighting industry has also been raised, and foreign investors in the future have made great progress, according to a report released by the research department of Market Research Institute XXXX on the 27th. It is unavoidable for Chinese market to face the competition of Chinese local manufacturers.

From the quotation, the average cost per watt of street and tunnel lamps for outdoor lighting has reached about 11 yuan, which is much lower than the average market price of 15-18 yuan/W for general products. This bid opening price is significantly lower than the market price, which reflects the effect of financial direct subsidy. And the cost of indoor lamps and lanterns has been reduced to 7 yuan/W, which is close to the threshold of LED inside's predicted start-up of the indoor lighting market. Driven by financial subsidies, the price borne by consumers will further drop to 5 yuan/W, which is expected to have relatively ideal market acceptance.

Under the new bidding rules, due to the high quality and homogeneity of lighting design level, power has become the main factor affecting the quotation.

The successful bidder is expected to further open the market by means of financial subsidies, and to open up a bigger outlet for the LED industry by improving the penetration rate of the terminal market, so as to alleviate the current stage surplus of the industry. From the result of opening the tender, wafer and package manufacturers in the Chinese market are generally benefiting from the fact that there are no too strict restrictions on light efficiency and light source specifications. Chinese manufacturers have the opportunity to obtain a larger subsidy share through better cost-performance ratio, and promote the rapid development of the upstream and middle of China's industrial chain.

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