Prospects of Small and Medium-sized LED Enterprises

At present, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing tremendous pressure, even difficulties. Compared with large enterprises which are constantly receiving large government subsidies, dividends and even dizzying engineering orders, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises which are excluded from listing have to face the cold reality of lack of technology and capital while crying out "unfairness". Where is the way for small and medium-sized LED enterprises to change in the future? How to tap the positive energy of SMEs?

In fact, there are always two sides to the development of things. At the present stage of industrial development, small enterprises are more adaptable to the new ecological environment than large enterprises in terms of disparity, promotion of technological innovation, improvement of management level and cost control ability. If entrepreneurs with a sense of crisis and ambition can find their own direction in industrial integration or shuffling, they can seize opportunities in time even if the scale and resources of enterprises are limited.

As a new industry, LED has been favored by all kinds of capitals in recent years, and all kinds of capitals have poured into the LED industry crazily. In 2010, the domestic investment in the LED industry reached 217.9 billion yuan, a record high. Of course, due to the characteristics of the LED lamp pole modelling industry itself, many underfunded entrepreneurs choose the downstream application products of LED as the starting point, and the scale is not large.

Firstly, compared with large enterprises with large financial resources and omnipotence, small and medium-sized enterprises seem to pay more attention to the focus and professionalism of resource investment, and can not invest arbitrarily or blindly in unfamiliar areas. Those big enterprises with strong self-confidence think that they can do well in 36 lines, but small and medium-sized enterprises seem to have to keep their core things, because for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to survive is the key, which means that enterprises should reduce the risk to the lowest level every step.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the way of specialization and differentiation. Including continuing to improve the cost-performance ratio of products, improve product quality, enhance product added value, and constantly develop new products suitable for market needs. Especially we should pay attention to "differentiation", form our own characteristics in a certain field, and be good at surviving in the "market crack", which is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises; for example, the outstanding performance of some chip enterprises in green light; for example, enterprises focusing on professional lighting, such as plant and agricultural lighting, refrigeration cabinet lighting, etc., are more and more attracted by some small and medium-sized enterprises. Attach importance to.

In addition, it is also indispensable to understand the market and find out the market demand. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources, innovation can be primitive "innovation" or innovation standing on the shoulders of giants. It is no wonder that large enterprises like Toyota in Japan "learn" from giants. At that time, large enterprises like Toyota in Japan became today with the spirit of first bringing in and then innovating. The world-renowned automobile group. But ultimately learning is to transcend in some ways.

At present, besides "strong-strong alliance", "strong-weak alliance" or "weak-weak alliance", small and medium-sized enterprises can choose to be matching enterprises of large enterprises with market channels and tie up their own interests with those of large enterprises. Of course, the premise is related product quality and corresponding technological capabilities, and it is better to have their own special products in some fields, so that they can be more easily obtained. The favor of enterprises. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is also a "shortcut" to strengthen communication with large enterprises, find common ground and form cooperation and win-win situation.

The development of the whole industry can not be separated from the leading enterprises, but at the current stage, those small and medium-sized LED enterprises with vision and characteristics are indispensable. Especially for the application industry which is about to usher in great development, it is also the time when a hundred rivalries emerge unexpectedly. The prospects of small and medium-sized enterprises are still assured.

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