New International Markets Appearing Gradually

Since 2008, the demand of European and American markets affected by the financial crisis has declined, and the importance of global emerging markets has attracted more and more attention from manufacturers: the markets of South America and South Africa have developed rapidly in recent years, and the Middle East market has a great demand for low-priced products. In addition, Russian and Eastern European markets also have a strong demand for low-priced products. It is a huge potential market, and many enterprises have shown interest in Russian and Eastern European markets.

Taking the Middle East as an example, other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, are in a period of economic prosperity. The development of retail, trade and real estate industry has led to the demand for lighting equipment. At the same time, the growth of population in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates has also led to the development of lighting industry.

Russia, the Kremlin Grand Theater Lighting Project is one of the representative projects of Shenzhen Wanrun participating in the global market competition. The famous ballet theater for Swan Lake, inscribed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself, is one of the most elegant theaters in the world. Party A is very strict with the design of the scenery in the theatre. After strict testing and screening, XX finally stands out from many international brands.

Let's turn to the Indian market. At present, 80% of the lighting products in India are imported from China. There is a lot of room for outdoor use of LED lamps in the Indian market. The Indian government is trying to convert traditional lighting systems into environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED lighting systems. It is expected that the annual growth rate of the Indian LED lighting market will reach 41.5% and will continue until 2001. Five years. In South America, XX has gradually increased its efforts to expand and develop the LED lighting market in South America led by Brazil since last year. At present, the first LED tunnel lighting project in Sao Paulo, the central city of Brazil, is the XX tunnel made by XX lighting under XX group, which is the first highway using LED tunnel lamps in South America. LED lighting application A landmark project for tunnels and highways.

In South Africa, Chinese companies are also very active. Zhang xx, vice president of xx, said that South Africa has become one of the best overseas markets for Rex. In South africa, XX distributors are becoming more and more mature. at present, there are mainly wholesale channels, professional channels, modern supermarket channels and so on.

From a series of data and examples, we can see that besides the countries with huge demand for LED lighting in Europe, America and Japan, the emerging market of LED in China is also gradually emerging. For enterprises in developed areas such as Europe, America and Japan, developing the emerging international market is undoubtedly the downturn of the international market at this stage. A way out of the period.

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