Product Name: Lamp

Model: #001, #002, #003, #004

Colour: yellow, white

Style: European, Chinese and Japanese

Light source type: LED energy-saving lamp

Life of warranty: 3 years

Applicable space: living room, study, bedroom, others.

Product Description

European Candlestick Chandelier

European classical style chandeliers were inspired by the candlestick lighting of ancient people, when people placed several candles on the hanging iron art. Nowadays, many chandeliers are designed in this style, only candles are changed into bulbs, but the bulbs and lamp holders are still like candles and candleholders.

Crystal Chandelier

There are several types of crystal lamp: natural crystal cutting and grinding moulding chandelier, heavy lead crystal blowing moulding chandelier, low lead crystal blowing moulding chandelier; crystal glass intermediate moulding chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die casting moulding chandelier, crystal glass bar chandelier, etc.

Chinese Chandelier

Classical Chinese Pendant lamp, bright and sharp, suitable for installation in the lobby area. At the entrance, the bright light gives people a warm and pleasant atmosphere, while the Chinese pattern tells the impetuous guests that this is a traditional family. It should be noted that the specifications and styles of lamps and lanterns should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights.

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